Review Process

Journal of Social Sciences: Theory & Practice (SSTP) is an international refereed journal. SSTP is published in order to announce scientific studies on all sub-disciplines of social sciences at national and international level to academicians and the public.

1. The articles submitted must not be published in any journal before or sent to anywhere to publish.

2. Articles must be prepared according to “Social Sciences: Theory & Practice Author Guidelines”.

3. The articles firstly reviewed by the editors in terms of aim, topic, content, suitability to general publication rules and formats. Rejected articles sent to the authors.

4. All processes about the article sent to the journal are conducted online.

5. The articles accepted by the editors are sent to at least two independent referees. The reviewers are first asked whether they can review the manuscript submitted within their field of expertise, which may last for a week. The reviewers agreeing to review the manuscript are asked to complete the review based on the determined criteria within a month. The reviewers of the manuscripts that are not reviewed in a month are changed and new reviewers are assigned to these manuscripts. The review process follows a double-blind review. Double-Blind Refereeing system is applied in SSTP Journal. During the review process, the identities of the author and reviewer are kept strictly confidential. The identities of referees who refuse to review the article are also hidden. Due to the principle of "Blind Refereeing", the communication between the referees and the author is carried out through the SSTP Dergipark system, not directly between them.

6. The articles accepted by two referees are accepted by the journal to publish. If both referees reject the article, it is not published in the journal. If one of the referees has a negative opinion about the publication, the article is sent to another referee. The manuscripts rejected by the two reviewers are not published and returned to the author(s) with the comments of the reviewers. The editor / editorial board may either give the final decision for the manuscripts in cases of conflicting feedback by the reviewers or send the manuscript to a third reviewer. The decision about the publication of the article is given according to the third referee’s review.

7. Decisions such as no need for any revision (acceptance), publish after revising the article according to the sides mentioned in the referee report (Acceptance), re-peer check after the revision of the article according to the sides mentioned in the referee report (Revision), reject the article to publish (Rejection) are given according to the referees’ reports on the article. The last decision given according to referee reports is delivered to the author or authors as soon as possible.

8. It’s the author’s responsibility to re-submit (revision) the manuscript with corrections in a given deadline. The revised manuscript can be reviewed again by the peer reviews who demand the changes if necessary. Editors can make small changes to the paper that do not affect the content is necessary.

9.Accepted articles are prepared according to the article template and sent to the journal with the plagiarism analysis. Turnitin, ithenticate etc. plagiarism analysis result should be at most 25% including the bibliography.

10. Accepted article’s copyright is given to the Journal.

11. The author or authors are responsible for all issues about the ideas and scientific ethics in the article and any responsibility cannot be given to the Social Sciences: Theory & Practice. No copyright payment is given to the author or authors about the publication of the article.

12. The journal Editor / Editorial Board will ultimately decide when a article’s is published and to unpublished.

13. Social Sciences: Theory & Practice (SSTP) does not charge authors for any fee for any submission, peer review, or publication.

14. No copyright payment is given to the author or authors about the publication of the article.

15. Peer reviews and correspondence about the paper are archived in the journal automation.

16. Manuscripts cannot be returned whether they have been published or not.

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